Data Mining in Multimedia (2016)

DSC03356Topic: Data Mining Applications in Multimedia
Partner: Professor Irene Cheng, Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta
Date: Winter 2016

Open City, through its Open Science program, works with Irene Cheng, Scientific Director of the Multimedia Research Center (MRC) and professor in Computing Science at the University of Alberta. In Winter 2016, the Open Science program supported the students in Data Mining Applications in Multimedia course with recommending projects related to City operations and citizens, assisting with accessing data, providing tools and best practices for developing analytics, and evaluating final projects.

The list of projects included:

  1. A website to segregate the population in an area on the basis of education using Tableau
    Creation of a website to display population data based upon education level by neighborhood.

  2. Edmonton Schools, Playgrounds & Libraries, Living Areas Website Proposal
    Creation of a website allowing users to explore datasets from the City of Edmonton’s Open Data Catalog: Edmonton public schools (2015-2016) and playgrounds.

  3. Feature Matching Based Residential Area Recommendation System
    A residential area recommendation system to intelligently suggest areas which could best fit a citizen’s needs based on criteria available in open data.

  4. Possible Connectivity and Relationships Between Requests and Complaints
    An application that can provide better visualization of the issues that occur in the city of Edmonton, by using the data from the 311 explorer showing open requests that have not been resolved.