Benefits of EnerGuide labelling your NEW home for sale

The EnerGuide label helps buyers identify better, more energy efficient homes. There are a number of reasons to obtain and display an EnerGuide label on a newly constructed home.


EnerGuide is third-party verified, government backed and nationally recognized. Displaying an EnerGuide label indicates credibility and legitimacy.

See behind the drywall

Many energy efficiency products and techniques are invisible to home buyers – insulation and effective air sealing, energy efficient windows, and ultra-efficient water or space heating systems are examples. A low (better) EnerGuide rating is the best way to prove that the house you built meets high energy performance standards.


An EnerGuide label with a good rating tells buyers that this house is more durable, comfortable and healthy; more economical to operate and may have lower maintenance costs in the long term.

Market recognition / Meeting consumer demand

Home buyers are becoming more energy savvy. A 2015 survey of home buyers in the region found that 80% of buyers want to see an EnerGuide label on a listing, and 62% would pay more for an energy efficient home.

New homes rate higher

Since the building code increases energy efficiency requirements over time, new homes that are built to code should have EnerGuide ratings that are very competitive with similar homes of an older vintage.