Home Buyers

Why EnerGuide matters to home buyers

When you ask for an EnerGuide Label you get standardized third-party information about rated energy consumption, similar to labels on cars and appliances. This gives you an idea of how comfortable and healthy this home will be to live in, and how much it will cost to operate and maintain.

An Energy efficient home is a healthy and comfortable home

Here are some ways home energy efficiency is linked to home comfort and health:

  • Better insulation and better air sealing means fewer hot spots, cold spots and drafts.
  • Double or triple-glazed windows keep out the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter, resulting in less need for heating or air conditioning.
  • Newer heating systems use less energy and run more quietly.
  • A properly insulated foundation means warmer floors.
  • Proper air flow reduces mould problems.

Reduces surprises

An EnerGuide rating gives you an idea of average monthly and annual energy bills before buying, and allows you to compare with other homes.

Let’s you compare similar homes.

The EnerGuide label allows you to compare the energy efficiency of the home to a similar new home built to code. Some older homes have been upgraded to use less energy than a new home. EnerGuide can help you see these changes. If the house you are buying is shown through the EnerGuide rating to be energy efficient, you could qualify for a mortgage loan insurance premium refund.

Qualify for a CMHC Home Mortgage Insurance Refund