Residential Solar Program – Terms and Conditions

Change Homes for Climate – Solar Program

Terms and Conditions

1.0 Program Overview
The Change Homes for Climate Solar Program (CHCSP) is administered by Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA) under the umbrella of the Residential and Commercial Solar Program (RCSP) and provides financial incentives to Edmonton homeowners who install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their homes in the City of Edmonton.

You can view of full set of Conditions for the Energy Efficiency Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program here.

2.0 Eligibility

2.1 Eligible Participants
The following organizations are eligible to participate in the CHCSP:
a. All homeowners with homes in the City of Edmonton. Single and multi-family homes are eligible.

“Residential Property” means a residential property located within the municipal boundaries of the City of Edmonton that has one of the following residential uses under the City’s zoning bylaw #12800:
(i) Apartment Housing [CA1];
(ii) Duplex Housing;
(iii) Row Housing;
(iv) Semi-detached Housing;
(v) Single Detached Housing;
(vi) Stacked Row Housing [CA2];

2.2 Eligible Projects
To qualify for funding under the CHCSP, all projects must comply with the following criteria:

a. The system must be grid connected and compliant with the Government of Alberta’s Micro-generation Regulation (AR27/2008), as amended from time to time;

b. The system must be designed and installed by a qualified installer (not self installed) and all system components must meet the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements for electrical safety or an equivalent certification to applicable Canadian standards;

c. The system must be a new installation, where “new” is defined as installations that have an interconnection approval from the wire service provider signed within one year of RCSP application submission. Additionally, all components must be new and cannot have been used in an energized solar array at any point in the past;

d. The same parcel/property (based on site ID) must not have received an incentive for a solar PV system under this program or another provincial solar incentive program; Systems that have already received an incentive through RCSP cannot retroactively apply for an incentive from the City of Edmonton.

e. The following equipment must carry these minimum warranty levels:
Modules: 20-year power performance and 10-year manufacturing
Inverter(s) and/or micro-inverter(s): 10-year manufacturing

f. The system must be designed to produce a solar yield that is at least 70% of a system with optimal azimuth and tilt at that location. The solar yield is automatically calculated in the Part 1 application screen.

2.3 Ineligible Projects
The following project types are ineligible for the CHCSP:

a. Projects that are eligible for the following programs;
i. Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP);
ii. The Alberta Indigenous Solar Program (AISP);
iii. The Energy Efficiency Alberta Community Energy Capacity Building Program (CECB);
iv. The Alberta Growing Forward On-Farm Solar PV Program*;
v. Any other provincial solar incentive program that may follow;
b. Projects located on temporary structures;
c. Non-profit community-related organizations (CROs) with a project located on municipally owned facilities or on municipally owned land that qualify under the AMSP;
d. Projects located on federal buildings;
e. Off-grid solar PV systems;
f. Self-installed solar PV projects;
g. All solar thermal projects;
h. Projects owned by a federal or provincial government;
i. Industrial, institutional and commercial facilities

* Locations with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reportable “farming income” less than $10,000 gross annual revenue, aquaculture farms, and equestrian farms which are currently ineligible for the Growing Forward On-Farm Solar PV Program are eligible for the RCSP. Note: Most facilities that have a farm rate class from their wire services provider are eligible for the Alberta Growing Forward On-Farm Solar PV Program.

3.0 CHCSP Application Deadlines
Projects on existing residential homes must be energized and interconnected within 6 months of the Part I approval date.

4.0 Financial Incentive

4.1 Incentive Rates
The City of Edmonton agrees to pay a prescriptive per-watt incentive based on total installed system capacity ($/W), in accordance with the incentive rates defined in Table 4.1.
Please note that systems sized in this document refer to cumulative project size in nominal Direct Current (DC) watts.

Table 4.1: Change Homes for Climate Residential Solar Program Incentive Rates
Residential ($/watt)
Maximum payable incentive
Per Watt Payable Incentive
The City incentive will be paid to City applicants at a rate of $0.15/watt, to a maximum amount, when combined with EEA incentive paid on the same application, of 50% of the eligible system costs or The City incentive cap of $6,500 per application, whichever is reached first.

A residential system is any system where the electric bill associated with the site ID used in the application is paid by a resident living at that location, by another person on behalf of a resident living at that location, by a condominium corporation or property management company. The application will remain a residential application regardless of co-location of a business or non-profit organization associated with the residence.

4.2 Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses incurred by the applicant will be used to calculate the incentive value as described in Section 4.1 and must be outlined by the applicant in the CHCSP Application. To be included in the incentive calculation, eligible expenses must be incurred by the applicant prior to project Part II approval.

The following expenses are eligible for inclusion in the calculation of the maximum payable incentive:
a. expenses for the purchase of the solar PV equipment for the project (i.e. solarPV modules, racking, inverters, transformer (if any), cabling, conduit, fittings, disconnects, and monitoring interface);
b. expenses for the design, development, energy modelling, engineering (structural, electrical, civil, geotechnical), specification, procurement, and construction of the project;
c. expenses for obtaining the required electrical permit and grid-connected approvals, and any required building and development permits;
d. expenses for completing the required electrical inspection and building inspection for the project; and
e. Expenses borne by the applicant for transmission and distribution system upgrades necessary to obtain interconnection approval.

4.3 Ineligible Expenses
The following expenses are not eligible for inclusion in the calculation of the maximum payable incentive:
a. Goods and Services Tax (GST);
b. expenses for the operation and maintenance of a project;
c. lease payment expenses incurred after the project is energized;
d. batteries or battery storage units connected to the solar PV system;
e. expenses incurred by the applicant to complete the RCSP Application;
f. expenses incurred by the applicant to prepare documents, process invoices,or other administrative and internal costs; and
g. any other expense deemed by EEA to be ineligible.

4.4 Incentive Disbursement
The approval and allocation of qualified funds will occur on a first-come, first-served basis based on Application Part I approval dates. Applicants will be placed into the first-come, first served queue in the order in which they submit a completed CHCSP Application to the satisfaction and approval of the program administrator.

All systems must be completed as per Section 3.0. Any systems that do not complete their system and their Part II application within these time frames is subject to removal from the payment queue and must contact the program administrator if they still wish to participate in the program. When available funding is fully committed, applicants will be automatically placed on a waiting list in their order of Part I approval and any additional funds that become available will be distributed to systems on the waiting list queue.

The CHCSP incentive will be paid to the applicant by direct deposit to their chosen bank account after the applicant has completed Part II of their application and provided all supporting documentation that the program administrator requires to verify that the project is complete. The application process is described in Section 5.0.

The CHCSP will not automatically gather any personal information from you. If you choose to partake in the CHCSP, send us an email or use our contact form to connect with the program administrators. As part of the application process you will be providing us with personal information including your name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number and direct deposit banking information.

The banking information that is collected consists of the financial institution (bank) number, bank branch (transit) number, and the account number, and is the same data that appears on the front of a cheque.

This information is only used to process your incentive payment, and is collected in compliance with section 33 (c) and section 34 (1)(k)(i) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the FOIP Act). All personal information is not disclosed except to authorized personnel who need it to answer your questions or process your application.

5.0 How to Participate

All applications for the program will be completed through the program’s online application system at The application can be completed by either the applicant or the applicant’s installer, contractor, designer, or designated representative. The applicant may opt to assign the payment of the incentive directly to the contractor upon project completion with an Assignment of Incentives Form signed by the applicant.

Additionally, leased systems and systems under a power purchase agreement or financing agreement where the host (owner of the location where the system is installed) is a different entity from the owner of the system may opt for payment to go directly to the system owner with the host’s signed approval.

The application is a two-part process. Upon completion of Part I, a conditional approval will be issued by email. This will guarantee distribution of funds if the project is completed per the conditions of Part I approval within the allotted time frame. Once the project has been completed and interconnection approval received, the applicant can complete Part II of the application, which will trigger payment of the incentive.

Both Part I and Part II approvals can be expected within one week of submission unless additional information is required. Payment by direct deposit can be expected to arrive in the customer’s bank account within 5 to 10 business days of Part II approval.

Applicants who require additional assistance with the application process can contact the program administrators at or (587)-287-1903.

5.1 Step 1: Complete a Part I Application

The applicant/installer/contractor/designer/designated representative (herein the “Applicant”) must create an account at An installer or contractor may also create a single account to submit multiple applications on behalf of each of their customers. Once an account has been created, the following information is required to complete the Part I application:

Customer Information:
System owner and system host
Site ID
Wire Services Provider (WSP)
Average annual electricity consumption in kilowatt hours (Kwh)

Project Details:
Total project costs
Solar installation company name and business number
Estimated or actual milestone dates: application, permitting, interconnection, online, inspection (if applicable)
Financing information (if applicable)

System Details and Performance:
Solar module nameplate capacity (DC rating)
Solar inverter nameplate capacity (AC rated output)
Array azimuth
Array tilt
Type of array mounting used
PV module manufacturer
PV module model number
PV module quantity
PV module warranty length
Inverter manufacturer
Inverter model number
Inverter quantity
Inverter warranty length
Solar yield (calculated)

The Part I application will be reviewed once submitted and the program administrator will contact the Applicant by email if any additional information is required. Applicants will be able to check the status of their Part I approval on their dashboard at Any additional required information should be emailed to the program administrator at

The Applicant will be notified by email when their Part I application is approved, at which time their funding will be reserved subject to project completion as submitted and approved and within the allowable time frame.

5.2 Step 2: Complete the Part II Application

Once a project has been completed, the Applicant must return to the application portal at The following information must be submitted:
Copy of the signed interconnection approval (also known as an Inter-operating Agreement or Interconnection Agreement) from your wire service provider.
Copy of the signed Incentive Confirmation and Claim Form completed by the customer and installer (generated within the application system)
Final itemized invoice for the project to account for all program-eligible costs submitted in Part 1 of the application. The invoice must break out at a minimum;
Equipment costs
Permitting costs
Labour costs
Photo that clearly shows all modules;
Photo of the inverter(s) or micro-inverter nameplate that clearly shows the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), UL, or equivalent Canadian certification approval; labels;
Photo of the module label that clearly shows the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), UL, or equivalent Canadian certification approval labels;
Photo of the inverter display or if micro-inverters were used, include a photo of microinverter communications unit screen that clearly show the total system production to date (kWh).
Applicant can optionally provide login information to allow EEA to access system monitoring information for program evaluation purposes.
Applicant’s bank information for direct deposit of incentives payment.
Signed Data Sharing Agreement acknowledging the City of Edmonton’s request to access system generation data from the solar PV system (accepted on application)

5.3 Step 3: Direct Deposit of Funds

The program administrator will review the Part II application once submitted and disburse funds via direct deposit when all required information has been provided. The Applicant can expect the funds to be deposited into their account within 5 to 10 business days upon completion of Part II application and receipt of approval.

6.0 Reporting Requirements
The Applicant shall fully cooperate with EEA in reporting progress on the project.
The Applicant consents to EEA releasing any information contained in the Application, or related to it, and obtained by EEA in the course of verifying or auditing the Application, to any other government department, agency or other public body for the purposes of verifying this Application, determining the Applicant’s eligibility for this Program, or both, as subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act). The Applicant expressly authorizes EEA to obtain information from any government department, agency or other public body to verify the contents of this Application and to determine the Applicant’s eligibility for this program.
EEA will only collect, use and retain or destroy such collected information in accordance with applicable laws in Alberta.

7.0 Evaluation, Measurement and Verification

7.1 Verification
Any Applicant receiving an incentive payment may be contacted by a third-party evaluator retained on behalf of EEA to verify project installation or be asked to complete a written, oral or electronic participant survey. The Applicant must submit documentation to establish, to the satisfaction of the CHCSP administrator, that the Applicant incurred and paid all eligible expenses reported. All items on an invoice submitted by the Applicant must be listed separately, and the cost for each Eligible Expense must be clearly identified.

The Applicant must also provide any other documentation requested by the program administrator. If the Applicant fails to provide information within a reasonable time on reasonable notice, as determined by EEA, for the audit and evaluation of the project, the Applicant may be required to refund any payments received under the Program, as well as forfeit any future payments under the Program.

7.2 Inspection
If an Application is approved, for three years following Part II approval, EEA or its designees are entitled, at a reasonable time and upon reasonable notice to the Applicant, to attend the residence or business operation of the Applicant for the purpose of examining items pertinent to the Project in order to assess whether the Applicant is in compliance with these program conditions, and to conduct other measurement and verification activities if necessary.

8.0 Remedies and Warranties

8.1 Refunds
The Applicant shall immediately refund to EEA any payment received under the Program not in accordance with the CHCSP Terms and Conditions and the RCSP Incentive Confirmation and Claim Form upon notice being provided to the Applicant by EEA. Failure to make repayment as required by EEA creates a debt owing to the City of Edmonton that can be offset against any money the City of Edmonton owes to the Applicant.

8.2 Right of Set-Off
The Applicant agrees that EEA may off-set against any other grant or amount payable to the Applicant under any programs administered within EEA any amounts that become repayable by the Applicant to EEA under the CHCSP.

8.3 False or misleading information
An Applicant who provides false, misleading or incomplete information under this Program forgoes all rights to benefit from this Program.

8.4 Environmental Attributes or Products
The Applicant agrees to convey ownership to EEA, or its successors, all environmental attributes and environmental products that are created or are otherwise arises from this project in any jurisdiction, including but not limited to renewable energy certificates, solar renewable energy certificates, or carbon offset credits.

EEA retains the right to adjust program guidelines in accordance to amendments to the Government of Alberta’s legislation, policies, or protocols surrounding greenhouse gas emissions, carbon accounting or the carbon offset system. The Applicant further attests that said attributes have not been claimed, sold or otherwise transferred to another party.

8.5 Limitation of Liability

EEA and the City of Edmonton’s sole liability is limited to paying the properly qualified incentives specified herein. The Applicant acknowledges that any Service Provider, solar installation contractor, or other solar provider selected by the Applicant is not an agent, contractor or subcontractor of EEA. EEA shall have no obligation to maintain, remove or perform any work whatsoever on the solar PV system or equipment installed. Neither EEA, the City of Edmonton nor any of their affiliates shall be liable to the Applicant or to any other party for a Service Provider’s and/or installation contractor’s failure to perform, for failure of the solar PV equipment to function, for any damage to the Applicant’s premises caused by the Service Provider and/or installation contractor, or for any and all damages to property or injuries to persons caused by or arising from any activities associated with this program.

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