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The City of Edmonton’s EnerGuide for Homes: Spot the Difference program is only accepting the newest version of the EnerGuide label for homes. To be eligible to participate, your EnerGuide label must be expressed in gigajoules (GJ) as shown here: EnerGuide Label.

Completing this signup process is your application to participate in the City of Edmonton’s EnerGuide for Homes: Spot the Difference program (the “Program”) and is required for the rebate. By participating in the Program, you authorize the City of Edmonton to publicly display your EnerGuide Home rating and label and other information related to the home on the City of Edmonton’s website ( or other).

If you are a homeowner, click on the homeowner button. If you are a builder, choose the button that best describes your company. Complete the online form. By completing this online process you are consenting to the terms and privacy policy of the Program.

Still not sure which button to click? See more detailed information below.


Which button do I click?

Homeowner Sign-up:  You just received an EnerGuide label on your home and you want to upload that one home to the platform.  If this describes you, please click the Homeowner button.

Builder: submit 1 home at a time:  You build a relatively low volume of homes per year, or you only label some of the homes that you build.  This process allows you to add one home at a time to the sharing platform.  You will be required to complete the sign-up process for each individual home that you are adding to the sharing platform.  If this describes you or your company, please click the Low Volume Builder button.

Builder: submit multiple homes:  You build a relatively large volume of homes and you label them all. You would like to sign up just once and have all your homes uploaded to the sharing platform as they receive their EnerGuide label from the service provider. Initiating this process will allow the City to work directly with the service provider that provides your labels, making the uploading as simple as possible for you.  If this describes you or your company, please click the Large Volume Builder button.

Please contact 780-328-2539 if you have any questions regarding the sign-up process.