Engagement is key

The success of any open data program should be heavily dependent on public engagement. Launching and periodically updating an open data portal is just not enough…not anymore. We have seen the appetite for open data grow tremendously in the past year and it is for this reason we see a need to change. The time is now.

The key link between the City and the Public is what is often referred to as a data evangelist. This person or team should maintain a focus on bridging the gap between the data suppliers (us) and the data consumers (you) all the while ensuring that the changing needs on both ends are met.

We can accomplish this in two simple steps:

  1. Raise Awareness
  2. Listen to Feedback

The exciting part of this whole process is that we want it to be interactive and the success of it is directly proportional to participation from both parties – data suppliers and data consumers.

Sure, we can continue to add datasets from your online suggestions and from what we think are interesting and hopefully receive uptake from all of you but wouldn’t it be that much more exciting if we open up the two-way communication channel and have actual conversations about data right here in this blog (or via meetups, mashups, hackathons, powerbuilds…)? We think so!

The first step starts right here. If you have some great ideas, let’s open it up and talk about it – we can all participate, simply leave a reply. If you have an idea for a dataset, we would love to hear about it right here!

If you think open data and its analytics possibilities are boring, take 4 minutes and watch this!



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