Welcome to the ODP!

Well here we are, you found us. Well done.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Open Data Portal today.

We’ve been doing things the same way for a few years now and it has worked quite well but it was time for us to amp up the user experience. We hope you’ve all enjoyed it thus far but we can assure you that this ride is going to get better. Fast!

The catalogue as you know it has improved in appearance and functionality. While retaining the all-important API foundry and other options we know you use (built-in analytics tells us so), we have also added many great features like themed categories, application showcase, developer site and much more including some amazing visualizations from our Analytics Centre of Excellence (ACE).

So grab a cup of coffee and your favourite chair – we invite you to sit down and get to know the new Open Data Portal in this great city of Edmonton!

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  1. This is my first visit to the ODP and I’m impressed. My overall reaction to the data has been:”This is about us. All Edmontonians. We are doing this, the good and the bad. It’s not about policing. It’s about us.” It made me wonder what we as Edmonton citizens can and need to do to protect each other and support the police.

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