Open Data’s Entrepreneurial Potential

TruHome’s Elisse and Roberto Moreno sat down with the City of Edmonton’s Open City and Innovation team to review how open data can be translated to the business community and economic development opportunities.

TruHome is an Edmonton-based tech company which is innovating the real estate industry by creating a platform that is able to match an individual with their desired home. The company uses algorithms to connect buyers with homes that are true to their lifestyle. Factors like community and location are important to the founders of TruHome because according to Elisse Moreno, “home is more than a house.” Where you live affects and influences your lifestyle directly.

Elisse and Roberto Moreno will be presenting along with other innovators at the Canadian Open Data Summit June 12-14 in Edmonton. Tickets are available until Friday, June 9.

How are you using open data in your business?

“Open Data helps us be the real estate storytellers”
– Elisse Moreno, CEO of TruHome

TruHome utilizes open data insights setting themselves apart in a traditional industry like real estate. TruHome’s Building Age Map visualization leverages the City of Edmonton’s vast stores of data to show the growth of buildings being built in Edmonton from 1913-2016. Users can look at how population changed in Edmonton, as well as when and where there were major construction booms.

Click this graphic to see TruHome’s interactive map

“Open Data opens up opportunities to talk about important issues within the city and gets people asking questions”
– Elisse Moreno, CEO of TruHome

Have you benefited from any business development grants/programs? If so how?

Elisse and Roberto applied for and received a Micro Voucher from Alberta Innovates in order to build out and refine their idea about correlating Open Data and Real estate. Alberta Innovates is a provincially-funded Corporation tasked with delivering on the research and innovation priorities of the Government of Alberta. Soon after, they partnered and got additional funding from IRAP and continue to have an ongoing relationship with TEC Edmonton.

Why are you excited about CODS?

“The Canadian Open Data Summit represents that Edmonton is leading forward-thinking and innovation about smart city initiatives. It shows that a city like Edmonton can have an impact across Canada.”
– Roberto Moreno. CEO of TruHome

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